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2022 excavation of the Norman Manor at Guiting Power

Excavation will start shortly at the Norman Manor site in Guiting Power. This year will be a larger excavation on the uncovered outline of the Norman Manor from last year and further exploration of the hints of Saxon and Roman layers at the site.


If you would like to participate and enjoy a days digging, details for community involvement are available via Archeoscan with a days digging at £37.50/person/day, includes all equipment. The dig starts on Sunday 26th of June for four weeks.
For details www.archeoscan.com

For a visit to the site contact Peter at the UWLHS, so visits can be coordinated. Please don't just wander along as it disrupts the dig. 
Pete Weale:  



Guiting in the News

A limited number of hardback sleeved copies are available at a heavily discounted price of £25  
which includes a £3 donation to the UWLHS
To purchase a copy please email Pete Weale:   peter@uwlhs.uk  

A compilation of newspaper cuttings relating to Guiting Power from approximately 1750 to 1950. Some funny, some sad, they give an interesting picture of village life.  

From the Archive

Ash Lane Stanway

Cutsdean Football Team
Jim Arkell is holding the ball

Cutsdean Shooting Party

Obverse of the Shooting Party

For the above photos names and dates are always appreciated. They allow the archive to be searched not just by area but also names and dates which adds considerably to an invaluable resource.



For the adjacent photos names and dates are always appreciated. They allow the archive to be searched not just by area but also names and dates which makes for an invaluable resource.

Avenue Dispute at Guiting Power

Over 50 years ago a dispute raged over a locked gate in Guiting Power. A selection of contemporary press clippings is available from the Archive Page.




Items renetly donated to UWLHS include,

BOOK- (G1139)
Roots of England  by John Miller and Sid Waddell
Published 1980 by the BBC to accompany the TV show.
Includes a chapter dedicated to Guiting Power with photos of
The Manor House ( Wood House)
Derelict cottages pre 1958
Trust house, before and after restoration
George and Connie East
Tony Miles landlord of The Farmers Arms with others in the bar
Miss Scott working with pupils in the village school

BOOK - (G1130)
Gloucestershire Record Series Volume 16
Abstracts of FEET OF FINES
relating to GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1199-1299
A foot of fine is the record of an agreement that resolved a dispute, usually about the ownership of land.
One of the parties to the dispute purchased a writ to bring the dispute into the king,s court, thereby becoming a plaintiff, but before the suit came to judgement the parties sought permission to reach an agreement (or concord).

MAP - (G1142)
UWLHS members visited an old bookshop in Tewkesbury to search a large collection of old maps. One of local interest
GLOUCESTERSHIRE MAP Sheet XXIX.5 dated 1922 edition. surveyed 1882-82
Covering part of Lower Slaughter it measures approx 104 X 74 cm

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