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Ford Cutsdean & Stanway

"Ford. (m. p. & v.) nr. Temple-Guiting. Forda. Forde. A.S. ford, a way, or passage, through a stream, or bog. This village and manor are situatedhigh up, on the North Cotswold, and the nearest streamlet is a tributary of the Windrush, or Wenric, which is crossed just at entering it on the southern side."- Gloucestershire - Place Names, Baddeley





Cutsdean was a chapelry of Bredon given as a gift in the eighth century by Offa of Mercia. It was part of Worcestershire until 1931.

"Mr. Duignan points out that the ' Cod ' who gave his name to Cutsdean,— in 974 Codestune (C.S. 1299), and which, prior to that date, had been known as Cod's-spring'' aet Codeswellan ' (C.S. 236) - probably affords the key to the problem involved. 'Cod' may have been a hermit or holy man who settled by a spring in the wolds, (the grant (in A.D. 730) to the monastery of Bredon by Offa rather favours the idea) or, he may have been an early settler of sufficient importance to impress his name not only on Codestune (now Cottsdean) (Cod's town, or ton), (q.v.), but also on the wolds, - Cod's wolds. Code is given, in Domesday Survey, as the name of the Saxon possessor. Weald, wald, wold; signifies more than a forest or plain. Prof. Skeat thinks the original sense may have been ' hunting-ground.'
Cutsdean, in 1185, was known to the Monks of Winchcombe as ' Cottesdene.' (Cf. L.B.W. 1. 176, 178.)"- Gloucestershire - Place Names,

"Taddington. (hamlet) near Stanway. Tadynton IPM. 1307. Tada is an A.S. p.n. Early forms are infrequent. The full form would be Tadingatun, the farm of the sons of Tada ; unless we regard the earlier forms yielding to ' ing,' as the weakened gen :singular Taden ; of Tada : in which case, the meaning is Tada's farm. Tada is known otherwise from
Tadanleah (K.C.D. 603). The medial consonant has doubled." - Gloucestershire - Place Names, Baddeley


"Stanway. (m. v. & p.) Nr. Toddington. Stanewey. Staneway. An ancient paved road. A.S. Stan = stone. Weg = way." - Gloucestershire - Place Names, Baddeley