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Naunton & Eyford

"Naunton (i) at the head of the Windrush. D.Niwetone. Later Newenton, Nawenton, Neweton, Newnton : until the XIV. century. A,S. Niwe ; dative, niwan = new: tune = ton: town, or farm-inclosure. The A.S. form was Niwanton. The sense is ' at Newtown." - Gloucestershire - Place Names, Baddeley


"Eyeford. (m. p. & v.) nr. Swell. D. Aiforde. Eyford. Hayford. T.N. Heyford. A.S. gehaeg: hedge. M.E. Hey. The sense is ' at the ford by the Hedge." - Gloucestershire - Place Names, Baddeley


- The mansion-house is delightfully situated on the west side of the rivulet of ancient date, and formerly the retreat of the Duke of Shrewsbury. King William visited the Duke in this place, and was much pleased with the
sequestered beauties of the situation ; but what gives it a peculiar interest, is the circumstance of Milton's having
written a great part of his Paradise Lost in a summer-house built over a cascade in the garden, but long since fallen
to ruins.
This place is not mentioned in P. N. tax.
Population, -, 25-57. Houses inhab. 11." - History of the County of Gloucestershire 1803


Looking for assistance with images below.

Naunton Village School

Naunton School Cricket Club
Naunton Cricket Club

Can you help?

Three of the Postcards donated for preservation, kindly passed on to our archives by Naunton Parish Council in December.
It has been suggested that the teachers are Mr and Mrs Nutt. If you can help with confirming this please let us know.
Any other information on the names or dates in all of the photos would be of great help.

As always contact Peter if you can help-