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Oral Histories

We have a small collection of oral, film and video archives.

Oral history is the recording of people's memories, experiences and opinions. It is:

  • A history of someones unique life experiences
  • An insight as to how bigger events impact at the personal level
  • An opportunity for those people who have been 'hidden from history' leave a record
  • A chance to talk about and record history face-to-face
  • A source of new insights and perspectives that may challenge our view of the past.

We are looking to add to them by recording oral histories from long standing residents to preserve their day to day memories and reminisces to ensure they are available to future generations.

We are looking for assistance from the membership on this front.

If you can help with the interview process, or by providing an introduction to those with the memories it will be greatly appreciated. It is so important to record living history.
Guidance on how the process should occur and a small hand recorder are available.

To help please contact Peter peter@uwlhs.uk

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