Upper Windrush Local History Society
    North Cotswolds


Over the past five years, we have helped with the collation and supply of photographs, postcards, cuttings and local knowledge for a number of locally produced books.

These include Glimpses of Guiting, Bitten by a Quarry Mouse and Guiting Power 2012.


Glimpses of Guiting

Memories & Old Photographs of Guiting Power

by David Hicks


A fascinating book showing many aspects of life in this Cotswold Village over the past century


Available from Blurb Books

Guiting Power 2012

Village Life in the year of the Diamond Jubilee

by Jean Bacon, David Hicks, Robert Tolley and Peter Weale


A snapshot in time of a small Cotswold Village


Available from Blurb Books

Bitten by a Quarry Mouse

11th February 2012

Huntsmans Quarries sponsored the publication by retired Director Anthony Hanks of his memories of life at Huntsmans.
The book has many pictures dating from the early 1920's through to the 1970 and is accompanied by anecdotes and commentary on the life and times of quarrymen during that period.

The book was prepared and edited by David Hicks.

Copies are available from the quarry for £27.50 per copy.

I am a very lucky man

by Raymond Sheasby


A former serviceman who had little stability in his early life and moved home countless times to avoid the long arm of the law before settling in Guiting Power has put pen to paper and chronicled his experiences.

The 120-page book, published by Frontier Print and Design, of Cheltenham, costs £10.
Copies can be bought from Guiting Power Post Office.