Upper Windrush Local History Society
    North Cotswolds


The archives presently contain over 2500 items.

They are available to all members of the society and include photographs, postcards, books, cuttings, flags, letters, film, audio recordings, stone pipes, musical instruments, industrial items to name just a few.

An extensive catalogue is maintained as a spreadsheet to allow for easy access.

A number of improvements to the catalogue are envisaged for the near future.

From the Archives:

Guiting Gazette

We have received a collection of the Guiting Gazette published in the village from 1977 till early 1986.
It makes for fascinating reading as it chronicles the day to day life of the village and provides an insight into the thoughts and whims of Raymond Cochrane who is pivotal to the history of Guiting Power.

The collection is now complete, Many thanks to the Guiting Manor Amenity Trust for providing the missing editions.


The gazettes are available below as PDF files.

1978 Guiting Gazette 1977

1979 Guiting Gazette 1982

1978 Guiting Gazette 1978

1979 Guiting Gazette 1983

1979 Guiting Gazette 1979

1979 Guiting Gazette 1984

1979 Guiting Gazette 1980

1979 Guiting Gazette 1985

1979 Guiting Gazette 1981

1979 Guiting Gazette 1986


The Guiting Power Bakery dressed for the Father Brown TV series


The Avenue Dispute

In the late 1960's a dispute raged over a locked gate in Guiting Power.
A collection of Newspaper cuttings from the archive is available for download.

The file is about 14 MBytes